art services by alli

Heyo! I'm Alli, freelance artist and professional nerd. My passion in life is drawing and creating and I spend most of my free time watching videos or movies while I sketch. I also enjoy creating characters and writing! I hope to become a book illustrator one day, but getting myself there is a struggle.
I promise I'm very nice, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Commission types

Full Body

comes fully shaded with a simple solid background. can do most species!



can be shaded or colored upon request.



comes fully colored and shaded with a simple solid background.



a cute chibified version of your character! complex markings will be simplified. these are feral only!!


Full Scene

very selective; price will vary with number of characters and the complexity of the background.


Commission Information

★ Please keep in mind that I work up to 40 hours a week at my RL job. I try to get commissions finished within the span of 2 months, but if you find yourself waiting longer than that please feel free to ask for an update. I will always try and communicate with you on the status of your commission!★ I may be better with some characters/species than others. While I can do almost any species, my style unfortunately does not do justice for some. I haven't come across any yet, but with this in mind, know that I'll never turn down a challenge.* If you aren't satisfied with your finished piece, please tell me and I'll try to fix it up for you the best I can!★ Species I can do: Canines (wolves, dogs, foxes, etc.), Felines (lions, tigers, house cats, etc.), Ungulates (horses, antelope, hooved mammals), Primates (humans, apes, monkeys) birds, bats, bears, and some fantasy species (ask). If you have a custom species you'd like me to try, feel free to ask me about it before commissioning me! I'm still practicing reptiles, but I can try one if you'd like.★ I am mostly a feral artist, but I am able to do humanoid/anthro work.

What I Will Do

★ Animals/most fantasy creatures
★ Fanart in my style
★ Art of your pet in my style
★ Natural backgrounds
★ Headshots, full body portraits, full pictures, sketches
My art style is cartoon/animation based. I am currently not open for realistic or semi-realistic work.

What I Won't Do

★ Draw porn, genitals, fetishes that make me uncomfortable, or any hateful or discriminatory artwork
★ Design your tattoo
★ Complex backgrounds (city-scapes, robotic/mecha, etc.)
★ Draw portraits of real people

Terms of Service

★ You must be at least over 18 to commission me.
★ I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am uncomfortable with it, likewise, I will not take commissions or work with people who make me uncomfortable.
★ You may not alter my work. I keep my .psd files, so if you need something fixed I will fix it for you. This is only for small things such as a marking I may have missed or if your reference has been updated. If your commission has been completed and you change your mind about bigger details such as a pose or expression, I will not accept the request.
★ You will receive your commission as a .png; I do not give .psd files.
★ I can print sizes up to the standard 8.5x11. If you would like your piece printed, let me know! Mailing fees may apply if need be.
★ Once you pay for this work, it is yours. You may do what you wish with it; upload wherever you please to use as an avatar, forum icon, social media avatar, etc. However, please give me proper credit when it's due by mentioning me or linking to my accounts.
★ Any work you commission from me is for personal use only. You may not make a profit off of my work or claim my work as your own.
Any watermarks must remain visible and may not be cropped/edited out.
★ All original characters present in the commission must be provided with permission from the characters’ owner. Exceptions will be made if the art is a gift for someone.
★ If you happen to sell or trade the character I made the art of, it is not necessary to notify me about it. I only ask that you please make sure the new owner is aware of my TOS and terms. My art must follow the character it is of, but may not be sold alone or passed off as your work.
★ I only accept payment in USD. I do not take any form of online currency or exposure.
★ All payments are to be paid upfront. I will not start your piece until payment is received!
★ If you need to delay payment for whatever reason, I'm very understanding. Just talk to me about it beforehand and we can work something out.
★ Most sales are final. I do not give refunds after a commission has been completed.
★ I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time. (i.e if something happens, I’m unable to fulfill your commission, or if my TOS has been breached) If it has already been paid, I will give a full refund.
★ If you decide to cancel your commission and I haven’t started working on it, I will refund you fully. If I’ve already started work on it, I will deduct the amount off your payment for the work that I’ve completed.
★ I take payments via PayPal and CashApp!